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my sisters dad opened the freezer and a blob of ice fell on his foot and hurt him and he was like yelling and hopping and shit and I was like hey maybe you should put some ice on that

my sisters dad

there is a such thing as half-siblings hello


All I really want right now is for someone to sleep with me, like actually fall asleep with me. Wrapped up in my arms, tucked tightly under the blankets and our legs intertwined. And then just be there in the morning when I open my eyes, please.



booping snakes: endless fun

"Dafuq was that for"


[ make me feel like i am human ]  a sarah x paul fanmix 

i. a little death | the neighbourhood ii. paradise circus | massive attack iii. get lucky (cover) | daughter iv. darts of pleasure | franz ferdinand v. u.r.a fever | the kills vi. time is running out | muse vii. figure 8 | ellie goulding ix. closer | kings of leon x. me, i’m not (catsexual remix) | nine inch nails

l i s t e n 

this is actually a rly ace playlist

Sarah Manning & ogling Paul

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